Investing in Smart Development

Northstar Commuter Rail

Highway 10/Armstrong Boulevard Interchange

Located along one of the fastest growing corridors in Minnesota and the Midwest, The COR already enjoys great access to Highway 10.

Planning is underway on an interchange at Armstrong Boulevard in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Council, and Anoka County.

Broadband Connectivity

The COR is part of an exciting new project by Anoka County finished construction this year to bring a core fiber loop through the project, as well as throughout the city. The $13.3m project will provide both broadband internet service and dark fiber capable of the highest level of service to the project and its tenants. Inquiries from data centers to medical teleconference facilities have been received in The COR, and recognition of this tremendous infrastructure has put The COR in a position to continue attracting first-class tenants.

TIF District

In 2010, The City of Ramsey was granted legislative approval for the establishment of a 25-year tax increment financing (TIF) district. This $65m district will provide for area infrastructure, amenities, and private development incentives to ensure that The COR maintains it’s competitive edge in the marketplace.


By unburdening the developable land in The COR, the project maintains a competitive basis in the project, and avoids unmanageable burdens on incoming development. TIF proceeds will be used to extends sewer and water services, build roads, and assist development in their infrastructure costs as well.

Matt Look, Anoka County Commissioner, and former Ramsey City Councilmember has worked to ensure the success of the Northstar Commuter Rail service in Anoka County. As chairman of the regional rail authority Mr. Look has been instrumental in securing funding for the Ramsey Station. “The key to ensuring a successful rail system is in maximizing the segments that exist today. To that end, the new Ramsey Station at The COR will add over 200 riders daily to the existing Northstar line, and encourage sensible development around the new station furthering the growth of the line”.

Ramsey Station at The COR broke ground in the spring of 2012 and opened in November 2012.


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